ICAO readies to table emissions proposal

The head of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the United Nations body that oversees global air transport, says it plans to table a proposal on measures to address emissions within months.

Secretary General Raymond Benjamin told Reuters in an interview marking his reappointment for a new three-year term at the helm of the Montreal-based ICAO that its governing council is considering four unspecified market-based measures.

The council will be asked later this month to endorse those four options and identify next steps, with a final proposal due by the end of the year in time for approval by ICAO’s next general assembly in late 2013.

An ICAO spokesman said in December that the basic options under consideration are some form of emissions trading, fuel-based carbon levies, levies on departing passengers and cargo, and carbon offsetting.

The measures will come after the European Union’s controversial new rules for airline carbon emissions, forcing ICAO to accelerate its hunt for “market-based measures” that could be an alternative to the EU proposals.



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