Lyon-Bron to meet US standard

France’s Lyon-Bron airport kicked off grooving work on its runway this week in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

It is the first French business airport to adhere to the standard.

Grooving the runway at Lyon-Bron is a first for France’s business aviation airports since French Civil Aviation standards do not require grooving.

“Having just joined the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and in an effort to break into the UK and US markets, Lyon-Bron is adapting and improving its offer for international operators,” said the airport.

The FAA grooving consists of creating transverse grooves approximately 38mm (approx. 1.5”) apart, 6mm (approx. 0.24”) in width and depth, over the entire length of the runway. It aims to prevent water from stagnating on the runway surface. Water drains away in the grooves, thereby preventing puddles from forming. This technique prevents the risk of aquaplaning.

The JAR OPS rules governing the certification and operation of aircraft specify that aircraft must come to a stop within 60% of the available runway length and in wet weather, the distance required for aircraft to land and brake is increased by 15%.

These two rules are highly restrictive for airlines when it comes to choosing their airports. The FAA grooving standard allows these airlines to disregard the 15% increase for landing on wet runways. This will mean that a wider range of aircraft will be able to land at Lyon-Bron airport, whatever the weather.

The improvement work means that the runway will be closed at night from Monday to Saturday for six weeks.

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