Manchester plans Precision system transfer

Precision Applications will transfer the Veristore ATC Recording System it installed at Manchester airport in the UK in May into the new ATC tower by the end of the year.

The new tower will be 60 metres high with 360-degree panoramic views, providing unrivalled views of the entire airfield. It will be stand-alone, purpose built, with the base of the building housing a new equipment centre and ATC offices. Work started in December and the tower is scheduled to be fully operational in the spring of 2013.

The installation in the new NATS-operated tower will begin in the autumn of this year and the existing tower will have to remain fully operational until the new tower is commissioned and accepted.

Precision Applications said it will work very closely with NATS during the transition period when the air traffic controllers will be working in the old tower with equipment being installed and commissioned in the new tower at the same time. Precision Applications will loan recorders to NATS for this period of time to ensure that all of the data will always be recorded in accordance within the requirements of the UK CAA.

Denise Malyan, managing director of Precision Applications said: “The installation of the equipment in the new tower is straightforward but it will take a considerable amount of planning to ensure that the recording in the existing tower is not compromised during the transition period.”

Derek Brien, head of customer solutions at NATS said: “We have worked with Precision Applications at a number of installations since 2007 and we are confident that they will provide us with an efficient and professional service to enable us to complete this project without any disruption to the operation of the airport.”

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