ATRiCS scoops ATC prize for innovation

ATRiCS has won the Jane’s innovation award for its flagship SMAN airfield surface management system.

Using SMAN, an air traffic controller inputs his intentions to an intuitive HMI touchscreen and the SMAN system automatically controls the switching of the airfield ground lights to provide unambiguous guidance to individual aircraft.

The pilots need only to “follow the greens” taxiway lights and also use much less radio time describing and reading back their route.

With the ATRiCS SMAN, many tasks can be automated, but the controller retains full authority and is fully in the control loop.

A wide range of functionalities satisfies all the requirements of the ICAO 2004 A-SMGCS manual. Airports using SMAN can see runway incursions drop by up to 75%. They also see throughput in low visibility increased while the airlines benefit from less queing, reduced taxi times and reduced taxi fuel burn and CO2 emission.

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