CORPAC opts for Comsoft solution

CORPAC has awarded COMSOFT a contract for the supply and installation of a fully integrated AIM solution.

With regard to future developments CORPAC emphasised the importance of vendor independency and therefore stipulated the system to be based on latest aeronautical standards like AIXM 5.1 and the EUROCONTROL’s eAIP specification V2.0. COMSOFT’s ability to supply ready-to-use COTS solutions in this innovative and pioneering field of business as well as the company’s extensive background has significantly influenced the Peruvian ANSP in their choice.

The system includes a central native AIXM 5.1 CADAS database, the eAIP system GroupVerve as well as the charting tool ACCENT. The latter is fully based on latest GIS technologies enabling the fully data-driven creation of aeronautical charts. All components perfectly integrate with the AIXM 5.1 database which forms the core element of a modern AIM system open for later extensions by means of open interface standards.

Part of the project is the digitalisation of the Peruvian eAIP, ultimately producing AIXM 5.1 data of highest quality. The completion of this prestigious project will set another milestone and will further underpin CORPAC’s technological leadership with regard to Air Traffic Management in the South American region. The most accurate AIXM data will significantly contribute to air safety in the region.

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