FAA to help overhaul Brazilian aviation

Airspace management is to be the focus of a new US-Brazil aviation partnership designed to support Brazil’s aviation infrastructure development, while connecting US companies to the growing business opportunities in the sector.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has joined with the US Department of State, US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) together with Brazil’s Ministry of External Relations to launch the partnership.
The Aviation Partnership is a unique public-private partnership that will support bilateral cooperation in areas such as airport expansion, airspace management, safety and security.
The Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Aviation Partnership was signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, USTDA Director Leocadia I. Zak, TSA Administrator John Pistole, and FAA Acting Administrator Michael Huerta on behalf of the United States; and by Minister of External Relations Antonio Patriota on behalf of Brazil. Initially, six companies will participate in the Aviation Partnership, alongside the supporting US and Brazilian Government agencies.
“Brazil and the United States have a long history of cooperation in the aviation sector, and the Aviation Partnership will open more opportunities to work together,” stated USTDA Director Zak. “We are excited to work together to support the growth of Brazil’s dynamic aviation sector and deepen our commercial engagement with Brazil.”
The launching of the Aviation Partnership during President Rousseff’s visit to the United States is timed to better coordinate US engagement with Brazil in the aviation sector. As a result of rapidly increasing air traffic because of Brazil’s growing economy and the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games, Brazil is facing an urgent need to increase its investments in aviation infrastructure in order to accommodate the expected growth. US companies are eager to connect to the export opportunities created by these investments.
As the first official activities under the Aviation Partnership, in June 2012, USTDA will host a delegation of Brazilian aviation officials on a reverse trade mission to the United States to familiarise them with US technologies, best practices, and regulatory approaches for airports modernisation. In October 2012, USTDA will host a Latin American Aviation Summit in Miami, Florida, to introduce hundreds of U.S. aviation company representatives to aviation officials from countries across Latin America, including Brazil.
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  1. Could you please send me all information available on this subject, i.e., who will the contractors be, where can they be reached, etc.
    I am a retired air traffic controller who has been going to Fortaleza, Brasil for the last eleven years. I have written several articles on Brasil which have been published online. I worked in several towers in the United States; in addition, I taught at the FAA Academy for five years from 2003 through 2008. I am somewhat familiar with Brasililan airspace and am familiar with much of Brasil; it’s people, it’s customs, etc.
    I would be very, very interested in getting more information and possibly retaining a position with one of the companies that are bidding.
    Thank you….
    John R. Mueller

  2. Boeing and Embraer have been identified as 2 of the initial 6 companies awarded contracts for airline safety and efficiency under this program. If air traffic improvement is to be part of this effort, do any of the other 4 companies have air traffic operational experience? If so, have they been identified?

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