AVTECH wins wake vortex funding

AVTECH is to receive $443,000 in research funding from Sweden’s development agency which will boost substantially its investment within the field of wake vortex research.

Controlling aircraft wake vortex is one of the business’s most important research areas and solving the problem dramatically will help increase flight safety and optimise capacity throughout the aviation system.

AVTECH’s core business focuses on performance based operations that help optimise flight routes by reducing journey times, energy consumption and environmental impact while maintaining flight safety.

The funding criteria of the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation – VINNOVA – which made the award stipulates that an eligible area of research has to meet the requirements of a combination of public good and commercial potential.

AVTECH’s research and development director Anders Palm said: “This economic funding enables our growth through continued recruitment of researchers and thus also results in research and development work which is of great interest to our customers. Our company can now take the next step and maintain the high R&D level for solutions in performance based air traffic management.”

Several international agencies including ICAO’s Wake Turbulence Study Group are already using products developed by AVTECH as well as applying its research.


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