Canada to focus on safety oversight

Canada’s transport minister has instructed its civil aviation authority to implement various recommendations after a high level audit of the aviation watchdog revealed ‘significant weaknesses’ in how it goes about checking airline safety.

The audit, completed last September, found that only 67 per cent of airlines, maintenance companies and large airports were inspected, which meant Transport Canada was failing to adequately manage oversight of airline safety risks.

The Honourable Denis Lebel, Canada’s Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, yesterday instructed Transport Canada to implement the recommendations outlined in the Auditor General of Canada’s spring 2012 report.

“The Auditor General’s report is a valuable review of our oversight programme,” said Minister Lebel. “We take these recommendations very seriously, and I have instructed my department to implement them by the end of 2013.”

The Ministry noted that despite significant increases in air traffic during the last ten years, the total number of accidents a year had declined.”In fact, Canada recently saw the total number of accidents decline to the lowest recorded figure in modern aviation history,” it said.

It said Transport Canada was working on several initiatives including putting a follow-up process in place to address complex safety issues in a more timely manner; improving processes, procedures and tools inspectors use to assess risk; and standardizing the tools, documentation and management oversight used to support inspections.

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