Cloud computing key to NATS growth plans

UK air traffic control business NATS is pioneering cloud-based computing to enable it to meet the challenge of future growth where the prospect of acquisitions and joint ventures will demand greater scalability and flexibility.

Known as Our Future Workspace, the programme will pave the way for NATS’ implementation of a multi-million pound project to transfer all of its desktop IT services to the cloud.

Hitachi Consulting UK  today said it had completed all the groundwork for the major change management project which will involve the largest implementation of cloud-based infrastructure in the UK transport sector to date.

“The project is an enabler of NATS’ growth strategy, providing the company with a flexible and responsive IT framework that doesn’t add to its footprint,” said Hitachi.

The programme is designed to create a customised experience for NATS’ 6,000 staff by improving access to the services, information and applications they need for their particular role, through developing virtualised applications on mobile devices.

NATS said it also wanted to reduce its costs by £9 million over the next four years and help shrink its environmental footprint.

Hitachi Consulting assisted NATS by defining a change framework for engaging the organisation, and tested this in a series of workshops with pilot groups. The business then developed the internal IT service capability, engaging with NATS, building interest in the project and driving management ownership of the benefits.

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