FAA to deliver answers in near miss probe

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials will face a grilling by politicians today to explain the increase in operational errors and near misses.

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The hearing by the Subcommittee on Aviation, chaired by Tom Petri, forms part of a review of the FAA safety oversight of the United States’ aviation system.

“The United States’ aviation system is the safest in the world. There were zero commercial passenger fatalities in the US in 2011 and in the past five years, there has only been one tragic and fatal commercial passenger airline accident. In terms of aviation safety, even one accident is one too many, but to provide some perspective, in that same five year time frame roughly 52 million flights were operated safely,” said the Subcommittee.

Wednesday’s hearing will focus on reviews by the Department of Transportation Inspector General (DOT IG) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on, among other things, operational errors, pilot fatigue and pilot training requirements, safety management systems, oversight of repair stations, and terminal area safety.

Live webcast will be available at http://transportation.house.gov/ from 9am Washington DC local time.

Witnesses will include:

• The Honorable Margaret Gilligan, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Federal Aviation Administration
• The Honorable David Grizzle, Chief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization, Federal Aviation Administration
• Mr. Jeffrey B. Guzzetti, Assistant Inspector General for Aviation and Special Programs Audit, Inspector General of Department of Transportation
• Dr. Gerald L. Dillingham, Director, Physical Infrastructure Division, Government Accountability Office

• Mr. Tom Hendricks, Senior Vice President for Safety, Airlines for America
• Mr. Scott Foose, Senior Vice President- Operations & Safety, Regional Airlines Association
• Captain Sean Cassidy, First Vice President, Airline Pilots Association
• Mr. Gary M. Fortner, Senior Vice President, Vice President of Quality Control, Fortner Engineering, Aeronautical Repair Station Association

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