Indonesia opts for R&S voice comm system

Germany’s Rohde & Schwarz has delivered a fully equipped R&S MX400 mobile air traffic control tower to the Indonesian air traffic control (ATC) authority at the Directorate General Civil Aviation.

The R&S MX400, a product from Rohde & Schwarz Systems, will be deployed throughout the country wherever an ATC communications infrastructure needs to be set up quickly. For example, the mobile tower can be used to coordinate relief flights in disaster areas when the local ATC infrastructure is no longer available to manage flight operations.

Using a hydraulic scissor-type mechanism, the R&S MX400 can be lifted to a working height of approximately seven metres. The tower has room for two controller working positions (CWP) and a supervisor. The R&S MX400 is equipped with R&S Series4200 ATC radios as well as the new fully IP-based R&S VCS 4G voice communications system from Rohde & Schwarz.

In addition, the tower has an integrated HF radio system based on the R&S XK2100 series, a voice recording system, a meteorological information system and interfaces for connecting to the local telecommunications infrastructure.

The key advantage of the Rohde & Schwarz voice communications system is its outstanding flexibility. For example, the R&S VCS-4G can be scaled to meet specific requirements ranging from a single CWP all the way to fully equipped area control centers. This makes the system ideal for small deployment sites such as the mobile towers. With its decentralized system architecture, the R&S VCS-4G functions independently from control centers, ensuring especially fail-safe operations.

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