AVTECH assists Emirates on performance ops

AVTECH will be assisting Emirates Airlines on a key project in the area of Performance Based Operations (PBO), expected to result in more effective air traffic flow and capacity management as well as reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
The Emirates FLOW-project will be a first step towards Performance Based Operations (PBO) in the Middle East. The system will allow the airline to, initially starting from two hours out from Dubai, strategically sequencing aircraft based on business and operational requirements.
This will be done by using information from a number of sources, among them the aircraft’s navigation computers or Flight Management System (FMS), and assigning time constraints (Required Time of Arrival, RTA) at the arrival fixes of UAE airspace.
While the RTA compliance is optional for crews, it is foreseen that a high utilization will lead to an increase in throughput at Dubai International Airport, reduced overall holding times, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as a reduction in workload for ATC in the FIRs surrounding Dubai.
The expected result of the project will be that Emirates aircraft, which account for a large percentage of the traffic to Dubai International, are sequenced correctly from an airline business standpoint as well as for ATC prior to entering UAE airspace.
AVTECH, having been part of concept and project definition, will be assisting Emirates with the determining of source data, including aircraft avionic data, dissemination of the concept to applicable stakeholders in the region and assisting in familiarization of Emirates pilots and dispatchers. Whilst it is the sales and marketing company AVTECH Middle East LLC, that is entering into an agreement with Emirates Airlines, the AVTECH-group Stockholm – Toulouse, will be providing the project support.
Lars GV Lindberg, CEO AVTECH Middle East, said: “The high growth rate and need capacity and throughput but also operational efficiency and predictability are driving the developments in Dubai and UAE. This is the first step to Performance Based Operations, where the airline contributes directly to deliver an organized flow by using current available systems.”
The potential value of the agreement with Emirates Airlines is estimated to be worth approximately $150.000.