France taps CS for regional airport VCS

CS has won a 15 year contract to provide the French civil aviation authority DGAC/DSNA with an integrated IP-based radio/telephone Voice Communication System (VCS).
The scope of the contract also includes the supply of independent backup VCS system to
seamlessly bypass and take over main VCS system.
The furnished system is intended to modernize a large number of major French airfields.
DGAC/DSNA will be supplied with the CS’s new product: CSoIP (Communication and Security over IP), an IP-based integrated VCS solution compliant with EUROCAE ED 137 standard.
CSoIP is a reliable, flexible and redundant system benefiting from comprehensive Radio and Telephone functionalities. CSoIP offers a large number of radio/telephone gateways and interfaces to enable smooth connections between IP technologies and legacy equipment. An optimized touch screen panel, the cornerstone of the working position, allows controllers to intuitively interact with the whole system.
CS CEO, Laurent Giovachini said: “CS is already deploying its communication system in the frame of NATO air bases renovation in European countries. Moreover, CS has recently been notified to participate in future VCS backup systems conception intended to be installed on French En-Route centes through N-VCS FABEC programme in Central Europe Airspace. This new contract highlights the relevance of our solution to serve civil air traffic control.”