HungaroControl modernises operations

Hungarian air navigation service provider HungaroControl has launched a complex modernisation programme to meet new challenges presented by regional integration in line with the Single European Sky.
The Business Process Reengineering project and the introduction of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system will help HungaroControl continue to provide its services under the new business and financing conditions and contribute to successful cooperation in the Functional Airspace Block for Central Europe (FAB CE).
Europe’s air traffic control system is about to be transformed and the functional air space blocks will be put into practice from the end of this year. The new financing model, which requires air traffic service providers to bear risks related to both costs and traffic volume, also calls for significant modifications.  All of these changes will bring about new conditions for ANSPs involving not only navigational services but the operations of the company as a whole.
For this reason, in cooperation with KPMG consulting HungaroControl has launched a Business Process Reengineering project to further improve its operational efficiency  targeting its back office and operational support functions (IT, legal and regulation, HR, controlling, finance and accounting, strategic planning, investment and procurement, technical services etc.).
The goals of the BPR project also include the introduction of a controlling system, which will support planning and decision making at executive level and quick responses to changes in the industry. The developments enhancing efficiency will be supported by a modern ERP and management information system.
The improvement of operational efficiency of the company and the preparation for challenges to be entailed by the integration process are key elements of the 5-year business strategy adopted by the new management taking over leadership of HungaroControl in 2010. The key modules of the new ERP system will be put in operation as of January 1, 2013.
Background information on HungaroControl
HungaroControl is Hungary’s air navigation service provider, one of the active initiators of EU integration in the framework of the Single European Sky, a member of the Functional Airspace Block for Central Europe. HungaroControl has caused practically zero-second delay for airline companies and passengers, its aviation safety indicators have gained international recognition and its tariffs are more than 30 percent lower than the European average.
EUROCONTROL’s statistics show that nearly 10 million flights cross the skies over Europe each year but this number may even double during the next 20 years. Hungary’s aviation traffic has increased by some forty percent during the recent 10 years and HungaroControl’s air traffic controllers guide over 600,000 flights per year. During the busiest periods an aircraft enters Hungary’s airspace every 30-40 seconds.
The goal of the investment projects underway at HungaroControl is to turn FAB CE, a block of seven Central European countries, into one of Europe’s most efficient functional air space blocks, with the highest technical and technological standards.