Augmentation market worth +$6bn: ATC Global

ATC Global’s new market intelligence report reveals a $6 billion price tag on the emerging global market for GBAS and SBAS systems.

With a new generation of air traffic management (ATM) systems being planned and implemented around the world, there has been a major shift in the ATM systems market, from ground-based hardware to airborne-based technology and a more software-centric approach, to integrated automated ATM networks.

GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation Systems) and SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems) are becoming increasingly important precision guidance systems for aircraft operators around the world wanting to access smaller airports and airfields at times of limited visibility.

Paula Milburn, ATC Global director, said, “This is an important piece of research into the costs and market drivers of these competing systems and the views held by different aircraft users. At ATC Global, we aim to provide impartial information for the whole ATM industry and to make the most relevant market research easily available to the widest possible audience.”

There are now eight actual and potential satellite-based augmentation systems planned or in operation around the world. Values for the global market are based on the latest cost estimates for the US Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) programme, which is currently the largest and most advanced nationwide programme under development.

GBAS implementation is being adopted on a less widespread scale, though Airservices Australia, DECEA in Brazil, DFS in Germany, and AENA in Spain have been actively supporting the implementation of this system.

To help understand the new concepts, the players, the global drivers and the values of the new technology sectors, a team of researchers working with editorial director Philip Butterworth-Hayes is developing a series of analyses which examine the consequences of changes on the market, evaluating market segments in terms of values, competitors and user preferences. Contract awards will be collated and updated on a regular basis, with financial and industry data also made available. These reports will highlight regional trends, values and the contract successes of the major players. Over the next six months, more communications, navigation and surveillance sectors will be assessed so that the reader can develop a real understanding of how industry trends are re-shaping the ATM market.*

This study is available free of charge as part of the ATC Global Market Intelligence Report Series at along with the updated market reports for ADS-B and A-SMGS.

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