navAero launches cockpit surveillance system

navAero is to offer a cockpit surveillance system as a solution to meeting forthcoming rules requiring better onboard security monitoring.

Designed for integration with the navAero t.Bag C22 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system, navAero said its new t.Cam is a complementary retrofit surveillance technology for improved security through the display and capture of activities that take place beyond the cockpit door.

The t.Cam system offers full motion video from up to four installed cameras directly onto the navAero EFB display screen, eliminating the need for a dedicated monitor in tightly configured cockpits.

Working in close collaboration with launch customer PrivatAir, navAero now has this compact video surveillance solution certified as an EASA minor change and is ready for immediate installation on all models of the B737. Certification on the B757 is currently in-progress with other aircraft types following soon.

navAero said the t.Cam surveillance system has been designed to meet demanding customer needs as a cost-effective, simple-to-install retrofit solution and represents a must-have complement to navAero EFB systems to meet the pending EASA-wide regulation to have onboard video surveillance.

Featuring up to four compact, high-resolution full-colour cameras and EFB-hosted camera controller software, the system allows the pilots to monitor and navigate the camera system directly from the tBag EFB display screen. The software allows for add-on capabilities for image capture and full-motion recording as well as integration possibilities for air-to-ground image transfer.

Key features of the t.Cam EFB Surveillance System are:

  • Automatic iris-control in cameras provides excellent resolution
  • Low acquisition and installation cost
  • Software controller can display up to four camera images at the same time
  • Digital recording and single-image capture-and-store capability
  • Easy integration of the controller software into any application manager

Lars Ericksson, navAero director of customer operations stated: “Our collaboration with PrivatAir has helped us achieve a compact and efficient surveillance tool that is highly affordable and easy to install as a retrofit solution. The navAero t.Cam system is the ideal add-on capability to realize even further benefit from our t.Bag EFB system. Again, navAero has shown our capability to bring to market what the market wants…affordable technology that meets the most demanding certification, operational, environmental and ROI standards.”

The t.Cam surveillance system architecture uses video and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) as the means for the connection of the cameras to the EFB system. The Ethernet from the cameras is gathered by “4 to 1” computer t.Switch. The switch then sends all four camera streams to one of the EFB CPU’s unused Ethernet ports through a single Ethernet cable which dramatically reduces the number of cables to route from the cameras to the EFB. The video information is fed to one EFB computer and shared to the other EFB computer through the crosslink Ethernet connection which is part of the t.Bag EFB system. Any computer connected to the EFB network can gather and display the same video information.

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