Airservices upgrades Canberra equipment

Airservices Australia has replaced two pieces of vital air navigation equipment that will deliver enhanced surveillance and guidance for aircraft operating into and around Canberra Airport.
The new terminal area radar at Mt Majura, commissioned in late May, replaces a 17-year-old system and is now delivering enhanced surveillance of aircraft in the airspace around Canberra Airport.
It followed the upgrade by Airservices of its instrument landing system (ILS) at the airport which ensures the ongoing reliability of the service.
The new ILS enables pilots to navigate to the runway when visibility is reduced to approximately 600 feet (vertically) and two kilometres (laterally).
Airservices Manager Facilities Management Services, Dan Galazowski, said that the recent upgrades reflected the strong commitment by the organisation to invest in technology essential to ensure the safe and efficient movement of air traffic in Australian airspace.
“Canberra is a major attraction for business and leisure travellers and it was essential that we upgraded both pieces of equipment to ensure the airport continues to operate safely,” Mr Galazowski said.
“During the upgrade to the Mt Majura radar, we were able to use a temporary radar facility erected at Sandra’s View to maintain high safety levels for aircraft.
“Additionally, work on the ILS was timed to be completed well in advance of the onset of winter when the equipment is regularly to assist pilots navigate to the runway in fog and low visibility.”
Both pieces of equipment underwent stringent testing and calibration prior to being commissioned.
The temporary radar at Sandra’s View has since been dismantled and will be stored for potential use at future locations.
Both projects are part of the rebuilding of Airservices which will see almost $1 billion invested over five years in modernising infrastructure and air navigation and surveillance equipment nationally.