EFB iPad app launched by ARINC

ARINC has developed the first fully customisable Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) iPad application for the U.S. military.

AEROMilBag replaces paper navigation charts and printed manuals with electronic versions of these applications. Using the simple, intuitive, and highly mobile design of the iPad, military pilots can now access ARINC services to obtain all of their critical flight information.

The AEROMilBag supports all DoD aeronautical flight publications and FAA publications. Subscription plans can be tailored to meet the needs of specific Mission-Design-Series aircraft.

“ARINC had been seeking the right platform for an EFB since testing our commercial eFlightDeckTM system in 2003,” said Rob Simm, ARINC Programme Manager. “When the iPad was introduced in 2010, we realized we had the platform we needed. In 2010, ARINC partnered with GlobalNavSource, an industry leader in aeronautical software to help develop the application.”

Simm and his team are in the process of preparing for operational trials, certification, and accreditation with support from various military branches of the Department of Defense and other government agencies. Based on required testing directed by each department, Simm anticipates that operational deployments for the AEROMilBag will begin in January 2013.

To date, the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force Air Mobility Command, Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, and aircrews with the Defense Intelligence Agency have shown the greatest interest in the AEROMilBag system and are currently involved in evaluating the original version release. In addition, the U.S. Army National Guard is evaluating the application for potential use in Army helicopters.

The iPad is expected to become standard equipment issue for all military flight service personnel, and with thousands of multi-crew aircraft, including transports, bombers, and helicopters, currently in operation by the U.S. military and U.S. government agencies, the potential market for the AEROMilBag is significant.

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