Recreational pilots to boost Irish tourism

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is to make it easier for UK licensed recreational pilots to visit Ireland on short visits.

These changes complement recent changes to airworthiness requirements whereby pilots of Irish registered aircraft can visit the UK for up to 28 days under a general exemption.

Reciprocal arrangements are also in place for pilots of UK registered aircraft visiting Ireland. While the decision to implement these changes is based on a safety assessment, it is expected these arrangements will boost tourism in this sector by simplifying the process by which UK recreational pilots can fly their aircraft to this country.

From 25th May 2012, Ireland will accept UK-issued private pilot licences pertaining to specific aircraft types which meet certain criteria. Currently this applies only to holders of UK issued private pilot licenses as no reciprocal arrangement is in place with the UK CAA.

Welcoming this initiative, Kevin Humphreys, IAA Director Safety Regulation said; “This is a very positive initiative for the recreational aviation communities of both Ireland and the UK. Any UK-based licensed recreational pilot who fulfils the criteria will now be able to operate in Ireland for short periods under a general acceptance, thus greatly simplifying the process of flying a recreational aircraft from the UK to Ireland. We are confident this will lead to an increase in the numbers of pilots so doing which will bring a welcome boost to the tourism numbers from this sector.”

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