Air accident fatalities down in 2011

Fewer passengers died in accidents involving commercial aircraft in 2011,the number falling by around half.

According to a new study by the European Aviation Safety Agency while on a global level the number of accidents involving passenger fatalities in scheduled operations remained high at 16, the related number of fatalities dropped from 658 in 2010 to 330 in 2011.

“This drop can be mainly attributed to the smaller aircraft involved, as well as to a lower proportion of fatalities.”

The worst air disaster last year was a crash of an Iran Air aircraft that killed 78 people.

In EASA member states – the EU’s 27 members plus Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, there was just one fatal accident involving a commercial plane in Ireland in February 2011, in which six people died.

Over the 10 years from 2002 until 2011, the ratio of fatal accidents in EASA member states numbered 1.6 for every 10 million scheduled flights, one of the lowest ratios in the world, it said.

Africa had the highest rate of 43.9 fatal accidents for every 10 million flights, followed by Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with 32.9 and central Asia, Middle and Far East with 25.2, EASA said.

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