Marked slow-down in European sim sales

While annual sales of ATC simulators – outside longstanding FAA contractual arrangements – are running at between $30 million -$35 million a year, a new report indicates there has been a marked slow-down in simulator sales within Europe over the last 18 months or so.

The market in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia remains relatively buoyant while the market in Africa is still largely dictated by the availability of development funding, with the exception of South Africa.

The global training market for new entrant controllers is worth annually around $437.5 million, according to the report produced by ATC Global Insight, with follow-on training and new equipment training probably adding a further $150 million to the overall market value.

Paula Milburn, ATC Global Director, said, “At ATC Global we focus on delivering valuable research for the industry throughout the year and this report raises issues that need to be addressed when we bring everyone together in Amsterdam, March  12 – 14, 2013. Improving controller training is a key priority for the industry and the 2013 event will feature important new training technologies now becoming available to the global ATM community.”

The 4th ATC Global Insight Market Intelligence Report is now available online free of charge at and reviews the market from both a high-end level and a bottom up approach, looking at state by state training system applications.

The report is sponsored by Micro Nav Ltd, a leading developer and supplier of ATC simulation and training systems; the digital KVM specialist Guntermann & Drunck and UFA, a principal supplier of ATC simulation technology. The next report in the series will be en-route surveillance radars.

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