Mosaic speeds mission planning for UAS testing

Mission planning and validation time for UAV operations have been shortened by a new system from a Virginia, US-based air traffic management company.

Mosaic ATM has released its Rapid Automated Mission Planning System (RAMPS) tool which it claims dramatically shortens the mission planning and validation time of operations.

RAMPS, along with its 3D visualisation component, provides automated mission planning to avoid hazards including airspace, air traffic, population areas and weather. RAMPS also identifies divert locations prior to or after launch and plans routes to those locations that optimize safety criteria. RAMPS can evaluate pre-existing routes and real-time route deviations for safety.

Chris Brinton, Mosaic ATM’s President said, “Review by aviation authorities has received a strong positive response. RAMPS will be a safety discriminator for UAS Center offerors.”

Mosaic supplies technologies, solutions, and services to the aviation and defense industries including the FAA, NASA, the US Department of Defense, and major passenger and cargo airlines.


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