Indra to install Azerbaijan ATM centre

Azerbaijan has selected Indra to install a new air traffic control centre in Baku, the nation’s capital.

The company will equip the centre with its automated air traffic management system and its SDC-2100 digital voice communications system, supporting en route, approach and tower air controls.

Azerbaijan’s air navigation service provider AZANS said it wanted to transform Baku’s airport into a regional hub and increase its passenger volume capacity in order to promote the city’s tourism industry. To do so, aside from this new control centre, which will be the primary one in the country, AZAN will equip the airport with two new runways and an additional terminal.

Indra’s automated air traffic management system will make it possible to handle more flights. This solution incorporates the latest state-of-the-art network security capabilities (ADS, CPDLC, P-RNAV) and will facilitate fluid and safe traffic as well as coordination with other centres. The voice communications system, based on the IP protocol (VoIP), will increase security levels and provide additional configuration flexibility.


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