Salt Lake contracts for PASSUR solutions

Salt Lake City International Airport has contracted for the PASSUR Surface Management and Tarmac Delay Monitor solutions – creating a common operating platform between the airport and its airlines to ensure the most efficient throughput for the airport surface operation.

This new subscription expands upon SLC’s current use of PASSUR’s airport operations, collaboration, and landing fee modules. All modules are part of the PASSUR Integrated Traffic Management platform.

“Leading, forward-thinking airports like Salt Lake City have understood that airports today must become active partners in providing more cost-effective, efficient, and safe airfield operations for carriers, to help them achieve greater throughput, quicker turns and fewer ground delays – critical elements of airline profitability in today’s challenging environment,” said Jim Barry, PASSUR’s President and CEO. “Salt Lake and its carriers are great partners of ours in leading the way forward with innovative, collaborative ways to address the industry’s most expensive challenges.”

PASSUR’s Surface Management Solution (SMS) monitors and analyzes the movement of aircraft in the movement and non-movement areas, and includes surface flight tracking on a single, integrated display to enable seamless tracking of the surface, terminal airspace, and en route environments on one screen, for gate-to-gate tracking and management of flights. PASSUR SMS is part of a broader suite of solutions that includes modules for diversion management, airspace optimization, tarmac delay management, as well as collaborative airport information and field condition reporting.

The PASSUR Tarmac Delay Monitor provides onscreen and email information and alerts for flights experiencing extended ground delays off the gate, and tools to communicate about, coordinate, and manage these events in real time. It is driven by the extensive PASSUR surveillance network and integrated aviation database, providing data reliability across the entire U.S., and can be configured to manage Tarmac Delays for airlines across their entire network, airport metroplex communities, or individual airline/airport communities.

PITM is a web-hosted integrated business intelligence platform that targets key constraints through the entire lifecycle of the flight, to optimize fuel costs and emissions, schedule integrity, and the passenger experience. PITM is built on several unique, patented, and patent-pending PASSUR capabilities, including a proprietary network of radar surveillance systems installed throughout North America and internationally, integrated aviation databases with extensive historical archives, predictive analytical algorithms, and user-friendly decision support software.

PASSUR’s solutions enable airlines and airports to predict arrival times more accurately, anticipate pending airport delays, manage congested airways, surface operations and irregular events more effectively, and coordinate with other aviation organizations to help to ensure smooth and predictable operations.

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