Turner clinches journalist accolade

Aimée Turner, editor of Air Traffic Management magazine, has been awarded the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) Hank McGonagle Journalism Award for her article Space Odyssey.

The award-winning feature is an in-depth analysis of how attempts to manage the forecast boom in air traffic safety, while driving down costs, is encouraging Europe to adopt satellite-based data exchange.

The judges were particularly impressed by Aimée’s article which thoroughly explored the reasons behind the drive to satellite-based data exchange in an unbiased and compelling fashion and included independent analysis from a number of market experts.

The award was announced by Mike Ambrose, director general, ERA, at a prestigious awards ceremony in Dublin last night, as part of the association’s annual general assembly.

Commenting on the win, Mike Ambrose, director general of ERA said: “Aimée is to be commended for her understanding of a highly complex subject and ability to report on it in a clear and succinct manner. We were impressed with her understanding of the issue and the clarity in which the arguments were presented.”

The ERA Journalism Award was introduced in 2002 and is named after Hank McGonagle of GE Aviation who recognised the important role played by the media in influencing the framework for the development of intra-European air transport. The award recognises excellent, accurate and discerning reporting on topical issues related to the intra-European air transport industry. The winner is selected by the ERA Directorate.

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