Austria embarks on free-route airspace

The first step in a free route concept in Austrian airspace has been taken with the introduction of night direct routings on 17 October.
The technical systems of air navigation service provider Austrocontrol and neighbouring states in addition to the systems on board the aircraft all coped flawlessly with the transition.
In particular, the high level of acceptance of the offered”shortcuts” in the first hours after implementation is proof of the good preparation and confirmed demand from airlines.
“Free Route Airspace Vienna (FRAW)” has been carried out in coordination with the European Network Improvement Plan and the FAB CE airspace concept. The implementation of this initiative will result in shorter flight paths, more efficient management of air traffic and reduction in emissions and fuel savings. This concept is therefore an important contribution to the successful implementation of the Single European Sky.
Further implementation stages of Free Route airspace of the Austrian sectors will now be investigated in close co-operation with Eurocontrol.