Air NZ debuts time-based 4DT tech

AVTECH Sweden has entered into another commercial contract for its wind product system Aventus NowCast, this time with Air New Zealand.

While Aventus NowCast has shown significant savings of fuel per approach in both live trials and operations accompanied by a reduction in the environmental impact in terms of noise, greater gains have been achieved through enabling aircraft to meet required time of arrival within seconds.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in New Zealand has had an implementation plan for performance based navigation in place since the end of 2009 and the policy was issued in April 2012. Implementing time-based operations is therefore another important step for environmentally conscious countries, like New Zealand, seeking to make long-term environmental progress.

“This agreement with AVTECH represents a significant step forward in our goal of achieving a truly perfect descent and arrival. Under our environmental strategy Air New Zealand have already implemented initiatives that have resulted in more continuous descents, reduced ATC intervention, and the use of tailored arrivals or RNP AR procedures to reduce track miles.

“Time-based 4DT technology is the final step in the journey towards a perfect descent. Air New Zealand looks forward to working with AVTECH in implementing 4DT technology to further optimise aircraft descent and arrivals,” said Bob Fletcher, Air New Zealand operations support manager.

A Middle East carrier has already begun implementing, and thereby solving the challenges of, time-based operations using the Aventus NowCast system.

“Time-based operations are a key step in the implementation of performance based operations, which opens up new possibilities to operate aircraft more efficiently than done today,” said Wolfgang Sagmeister, director at AVTECH Sweden.


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