Prepare for revolution: Lake

Graham Lake, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) chief who resigned abruptly at this year’s ATC Global conference foresees radical change in the way European air traffic control is delivered.

Writing in the  November issue of Airline Business, Lake who now leads the Aviation Management consultancy tells the magazine’s senior airline executive readership that radical change in who actually delivers air traffic control is imminent.

“The “LCC (low cost carrier) revolution” for air traffic control provision is unlikely to be far away,” writes Lake.

“Wherever you are based, it’s worth taking a close look at your ATC provider, understanding how it is structured, who the shareholders are, their political constraints, and objectives.
An efficient ATC system delivering the safety, capacity and costs society demands, is an economic necessity,” he continues.

“Governments as regulators and often owners of the national ATC provider, have a responsibility to set and ensure delivery of ATC performance. Not all consult adequately with
airspace users to establish acceptable objectives. Does yours?” he asks.

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