Airservices upgrades Perth ILS

Airservices Australia has completed essential upgrade works on the instrument landing systems (ILS) at Perth Airport.

ILS is a course-forming radio navigation aid that supports the safe and efficient movement of air traffic into and out of the airport, by guiding pilots to the runway during low visibility and bad weather conditions.

The upgrade works commenced in August and included the replacement of the localiser antenna arrays at each end of the main runway (Runway 03/21). The localiser antenna provides pilots with lateral guidance to the runway during an instrument approach.

During the works the ILS was removed from service with pilots using other navigation aids, including VHF omni-directional range and area navigation (RNAV) procedures, for instrument landings.

Airservices Executive General Manager Projects and Engineering, Mark Rodwell, said ILS is a highly accurate means for pilots to navigate to the runway during low cloud conditions when visibility is reduced.

“The commissioning of the landing systems at Perth now completes a national upgrade program which Airservices has carried out around the country including at Sydney, Alice Springs and Canberra airports,” Mr Rodwell said.

“The upgrades will ensure that any unexpected outages are kept to a minimum and ensure Airservices continues to provide safe and reliable services to pilots using any of our 23 instrument landing systems nationally for precision approaches.”

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