Bahrain selects Egis, DSNA sequencing system

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain has selected Egis to supply its arrival management system at Manama Airport to obtain precise and reliable arrival times, thus enhancing early flow regulations and minimising holding patterns for approaching aircraft.

The solution is based on the MAESTRO AMAN system, co-developed by Egis and the French Air Navigation Services Provider (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne – DSNA). It will be connected to the Thales TopSky-ATC air traffic management system which is already in operation at the airport.

The Egis team in charge of the project is ensuring a quick implementation of the system in a few months time as it is expected to be deployed early 2013. In addition, Manama Airport will take advantage of the latest version of the arrival manager which has been prototyped in the frame of the SESAR programme of the Single European Sky initiative. This new version includes metering management on a point of the route.

MAESTRO is operational since 1997 at Copenhagen airport and is now used by 17 airports in the world to manage arrivals (AMAN function).

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