DWI supplies GRPS to Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has adopted DWI’s GNSS RAIM/RNP Prediction Service (GRPS) web-based user interface to calculate RAIM predictions for its performance-based navigation (PBN) operations.

The web service provides a user-friendly interface allowing flight planners and dispatchers to store tail configurations, aerodromes, waypoints and entire routes to reduce workload and potential human error.

Due to ease of use, a short training course, given over Webex, was all that was required for dispatchers to learn how to manage and operate the Web-based User Interface. The operators will continue to receive support from the DWI dedicated support helpdesk.

“Japan Airlines will be using the GRPS Web-based User Interface for their PBN operations including for Basic-RNP 1 which is being mandated at Hong Kong International Airport,” said John Wilde, CEO at DW International.

“And with RNAV 1 and RNP 1 being implemented in the Philippines and Indonesia, the requirement for a global RAIM prediction service covering all PBN navigation specifications will continue to grow. What’s more: the service is flexible enough to allow Japan Airlines to increase their usage without any updates to the interface – they just tell us and we’ll make it happen.” Hironori Shimachi in the Japan Airlines Flight Operations Department said, “The Dispatcher Tool is useful for our operations for in-flight RAIM prediction.”

DW International is an independent consultancy established in 2005 providing technical support in the fields of air navigation, civil air communications and air traffic management.
The company also develops and maintains bespoke software and manages websites that support air operations.

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