Enty Point North offers pilot ATC guide

ATC academy Entry Point North has delivered its first Pilot’s Guide to Air Traffic Control course.

The course is specifically designed for pilots as a hands-on induction to air traffic control and the role of an air traffic controller. It gives the participants the opportunity to gain practical experience of working as an operational controller and focuses on improving day-to-day cooperation between pilots and controllers.

The course was delivered at Entry Point North’s academy in Malmö-Sturup for the chief instructors of Malmö Aviation, a regional airline. “It was interesting to see and try how the controllers work. The understanding about how the job is done and especially how the controllers communicate with each other was very enlightening,” said course participant Captain Mats Norgren, at Malmö Aviation’s crew training department.

“We are very happy to invite pilots to our academy with this new course. Every day pilots and controllers work very closely together, but the opportunities for pilots to get hands-on experience on ATC have not been many. With this new course we believe that the cooperation can be even better especially during stressful situations,” said Kerstin Sjöbeck, Director of Training and Operations at Entry Point North.

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