VIDEO: NextGen ADS-B for joint ops

Sagetech, Arcturus have issued a video demonstrating joint manned, and unmanned aircraft operations using a ‘store-bought’ Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) tracking device.

This video demonstrated the use of the commercial-off-the-shelf NextGen ADS-B system to facilitate joint operations between unmanned and manned aircraft by providing operators and pilots in-flight tracking of all participating aircraft.

The  unmanned aircraft (Arcturus T-20 UAV) carried a Sagetech Mode S ADS-B Out Transponder. The manned aircaft (Cirrus SR-22) used a Sagetech Mode S ADS-B Out Transponder with integrated GPS Receiver and a Sagetech Clarity ADS-B Receiver, this small device receives the signals from the unmanned and manned aircraft and connects to the iPad via WiFi link and plots both aircraft on a map.

The event was staged from McMillan Airfield in Camp Roberts, California, and attended by several guests, including representation from NavAir from Patuxent River, and the FAA Unmanned Systems office in Washington DC.

One goal of the demonstration was to show that joint manned/unmanned aircraft operations are feasible now, in circumstances where use of this equipment kit can be assured such as aircraft firefighting operations within TFRs and military range operations.

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