Indra equips Uruguay with VoIP first

Indra has deployed in Uruguay, with the collaboration of DINACIA (Dirección Nacional De Aviación Civil e Infraestructura Aeronáutica de Uruguay), the first controller-pilot communications network completely based on IP technology, which provides full coverage to the nation’s air traffic.
Through the commissioning of this network, Uruguay becomes the first country in the world to adopt such an advanced land-air communications system
On November 12, commercial flight TAM8023 established communications with the air traffic control centre of Carrasco in Montevideo, Uruguay, with the use of this digital system. This was the test flight during which the IP communications network was officially validated to start its operations.
Its deployment followed the requirements and regulations established by EUROCAE (ED-137), the entity responsible for the standardisation of civil aeronautical equipment, and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Indra has been a member of the EUROCAE (WG-67) work group, which established the IP communications standards since its creation.
The implementation of this system is a milestone in the history of air navigation. This is the first time that land-air communications in a country between the pilot and controller will not be based on analogue systems any more. Likewise, the new architecture will guarantee the future interoperability of the systems adopted in other countries, facilitating the coordination of air operations.
To this end, DINACIA has become the first air navigation service provider that has started using the new generation of systems based on IP technology, the technology that will replace today’s existing systems. Indra has become the first technological provider to implement this communications network.
Indra’s solution can be used to establish high quality voice communications, with the absence of noise and interference, while improving their availability and reliability. In addition, it replaces the connections used by an IP connection until now, making the system more cost-effective and efficient. La DINACIA
The network deployed by Indra includes the transmission systems designed by Park Air Systems UK at the stations of Carrasco, Colonia, Cardona, Salto, Tacuarembo, Melo, Santa Clara and San Antonio. All of these sites are managed by Indra’s Digital Communications System, which is fully integrated with the air traffic management automation system. Such integration represents an important advantage to air traffic controllers.
With this IP communication network, DINACIA has reached their goal of having a single primary frequency and another secondary frequency for the entire FIR, thus obtaining aircraft communications at lower levels than before.

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