AMSi eyes China GA prospects

A new initiative to open up Chinese airspace to the country’s burgeoning general and business aviation sector is underway.

AMSi – Airspace Management Strategies –  has teamed up with the Beihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) in proposing an airpsace solution for the projected spectacular increase of general aviation activity, including business aviation.

As part of a team lead by the Department of Aviation Law of the BUAA, AMSi  held a two-day workshop with a group of senior officials of the SATCCC (State ATC Commission of China) and of the ATMBc (Air Taffic Management Board of China) who expressed great interest in the concept explained to them by Pierre Jones and Armand Gaudet, ex Nav Canada executives and partners in AMSi.

AMSI president Jones tells Air Traffic Management: “We are working with the Chinese to help them review their airspace infrastructure and air traffic management system so that  GA flights can start operating in a much more accessible fashion.”

“Right now it is almost impossible to develop general aviation in China because of the huge restrictions on flight authorisation. China is poised for GA development. Chinese companies, either governmental or private have been formed, have acquired GA aircraft businesses from foreign concerns or have partnered with known companies to build a strong aviation manufacturing components of not only airliner but extensively in GA and business aviation types of aircraft.”

“So basically (we are) as part of the BUAA team at the strategic programme development point, preparing to implement these solutions on a pilot project model in order to test it.  Needless to say, they quite eager to go ahead and test because of the importance and the urgency to introduce GA and business aviation in China.”

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