Avinor trials Southern Norway airspace project

AVINOR, in cooperation with EUROCONTROL, will run a real-time simulation from 3 to 14 December to validate the Southern Norway Airspace Concept, including Point Merge implementation for the Westcoast TMA (Stavanger-Sola and Bergen-Flesland airports) and Vaernes TMA (Trondheim airport).
The Southern Norway Airspace Project (SNAP) was established to address present and future challenges regarding capacity, safety, environment and effectiveness. SNAP will provide a new airspace organisation, with associated working methods, that should increase safety levels, help to meet expected demand up until the year 2030, increase capacity by 64% and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases per flight by 5%.

The SNAP airspace is adjacent to Oslo AoR where the sister concept of Oslo Advanced Sectorisation and Automation Project (ASAP) was implemented in April 2011.

Click here for an animation of the SNAP simulated airspace



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