Intelcan deploys SKYSURV ADS‐B in Jordan

Intelcan has commissioned four SKYSURV ADS‐B Ground Stations in Amman Terminal Airspace, Jordan near Marka and Queen Alia international airports.

SKYSURV ADS‐B /GS is the most suitable, cost‐effective solution to
accommodate Jordan’s varying terrain and accomplishes more than conventional radars, especially in low flight levels.

Intelcan’s ADS‐B / GS excels in the Jordan FIR by providing coverage that existing radar sensors cannot reach.

“The performance in Jordan’s FIR marks a milestone in our product’s success. SKYSURV ADS‐B /GS has been designed on a solid and impressive platform that can be offered in different configurations to support ADS‐B, multilateration and ground surveillance,” says Ziad Nader, Intelcan’s vice president of research and development.

Intelcan offers a complete surveillance product portfolio which includes Primary Surveillance Radars, Secondary Surveillance Radars, ADS‐B and Multi‐Lateration. SKYSURV ADS‐B /GS provides flexibility, accuracy and reliability for en‐route, terminal area and surface movement. When implemented in conjunction with traditional radar, the SKYSURV ADS‐B /GS decreases gaps in surveillance coverage. SKYSURV ADS‐B /GS can also be utilized as a standalone system.

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