24 hours on…from Tulsa

Reconstruction activity on the airport’s primary commercial service runway resumed yesterday – January 2.

The $19.9 million project is the third phase in a multi-phased effort to completely reconstruct the airport’s 9,999’ runway. The 18 in thick runway was last reconstructed in 1982.

Airport staff has worked closely with design team ATKINS, Interstate Highway Construction as contractor and airport tenants to ensure minimal impact to flight operations throughout the construction period.

The airport will remain open throughout the project and commercial flight activity will operate on the airport’s 7,376’ crosswind runway.

The impact to airlines should be minimal, however passengers may experience delays or cancellations when weather conditions prohibit the use of the crosswind runway (i.e. generally when northerly or southerly winds exceed 25 knots, when the cloud ceiling is below 500’ or visibility is less than 1.5 miles).

Area residents will also likely notice a change in the regular flight pattern of airplanes on approach to and departing from TUL as they will be following an east/west flow.

General aviation aircraft will continue to utilize the 6,101’ Runway 18R/36L and, if weather conditions warrant, commercial airplanes weighing less than 150,000 pounds will be allowed to use Runway 18R’s instrument approach.

Airports Director, Jeff Mulder, said, “Airport staff and contractors are committed to completing this project with minimal disruption to flight operations paired with acute awareness of the safety considerations that come into play with an airfield project. I consider this infrastructure project to be critical to the economic activity of our region and am pleased that we were able to move forward with an advanced construction schedule to minimize the impact to airport customers.”

Altogether, the complete reconstruction of Runway 18L/36R is estimated to cost $55M. The project is predominantly funded by Federal Aviation Administration grants.

Phase 1: Replaced southern 1285’ of Runway18L/36R.
Start date: April 4, 2011
Completion date: June 29, 2011
Construction cost: $6.8 million

Phase 2: Replaced northern 1240’ of Runway18L/36R.
Start date: February 27, 2012
Completion date: June 11, 2012
Construction cost: $6.8 million

Phase 3: Replaces 6900’ of Runway 18L/36R.
Start date: January 2, 2013
Target completion date: June 2013
Est. construction cost: $19.9 million

Phase 4: Intersection reconstruction of Runway 18L/36R and Runway 08/26.
The most complex and disruptive to airport operations, this phase is scheduled
for construction in 2014.


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