CANSO mulls global safety audit

The Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) is mulling introducing a future safety certificate, as part of an evaluation and audit scheme for air navigation service providers.
The safety audit is one of a series of actions prompted by proposals made by leaders of the air transport industry at the recent World ATM Congress.
At the event, UN aviation agency ICAO and CANSO agreed to work together much more closely on air navigation safety principally through improved information sharing and to build on joint work over recent years, notably in the area of runway safety.
As part of the agreement, an aviation safety intelligence model – a shared safety databank that brings together all aviation stakeholders in the collection, analysis and sharing of safety information – will now be developed and help target resources based on need and safety risk assessment.
Speaking at the World ATM Congress, Roberto Kobeh González, president of the Council of ICAO spoke of his desire that CANSO goes further and establishes a safety evaluation audit programme similar to the IATA Operational Safety Audit and a similar programme developed by the Airports Council International.
At the time Poole told reporters that the idea of such a programme for the ATC community had been considered although some CANSO members had expressed concern that it would simply add yet another layer of safety evaluation and monitoring.
“One of the incredibly frustrating things about CANSO is that there is already an incredible amount of great work being done through its committees that don’t have the profile,” said Poole. “If you think about safety, you think about the IATA’s IOSA and ACI’s APEX scheme and you’ll think, what about CANSO? The reality is that we have been doing a hell of a lot of work in the safety area.”
While the CANSO chief defended the existing safety programme which is aligned with ICAO standards and recommended practices, the organisation is now committing itself to take action in three broad areas: safety, operations and policy and to work with ICAO, states, regulators and industry partners to achieve them.
CANSO director general Jeff Poole, said safety would remain the industry’s number one priority. “Many of CANSO’s initiatives will lead to further improved safety to match expected traffic growth,” he said.
“These include working with ICAO to create a framework for enhanced air navigation safety dialogue, cooperation and information exchange; considering the possible establishment of a CANSO safety certificate, which would include an evaluation and audit programme for air navigation service providers; and developing safety guidance to address the shared risks between controllers and pilots.”
Jeff Poole added that transformation of the industry would take time but that CANSO would report on progress at World ATM Congress 2014.
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