Cassidian radar for Canadian AF

Cassidian has won a €50m programme to equip the airfields of the Royal Canadian Airforce with latest-technology airport surveillance radars.

The Canadian contracting authority Public Works and Services Canada has selected Cassidian to deliver seven of its ASR NG airport surveillance radars to improve the flight safety on Canadian airbases and to enhance the integration of military aviation into civil air traffic. Cassidian is working together with Lockheed Martin Canada as a local partner in this project.

According to Simon Jacques, head of Cassidian Canada: “The radar provides outstanding performance for wide-area surveillance around airbases as well as safe guidance of individual aircraft during take-off and landing”.

“Our ASR NG guarantees outstanding performance so that even very small objects such as ultra-lightweight aircraft or even flocks of birds can be reliably detected and classified.”

Due to a specific data processing software the ASR is able to track air traffic even in windfarm shadows. As a special feature, the ASR NG comprises the secondary radar MSSR 2000 I allowing for reliable individual identification of more than thousand aircraft at a time.

For example, the company has around 30 ASR and MSSR systems under contract in Germany and Switzerland representing a contract value of almost €400m. In addition, Cassidian’s MSSR 2000 I secondary radar is deployed for military friend-or-foe identification by the armed forces of 30 countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France and Finland.

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