Increased annual profit for Avinor

Avinor delivered profit after tax of NOK 927 million (US$ 160 million) in 2012 – up from NOK 844 million in 2011. During the same period, operating revenues increased from NOK 8,622 million to NOK 9.152 million.

“With a traffic growth of almost five per cent, no accidents and punctuality and regularity of 88 and 98 per cent respectively, 2012 was a year of strong results for Avinor,” said CEO Dag Falk-Petersen.

Based on current dividend policy, this indicates a dividend to the owner of NOK 463 million.

“Including tax, our operation contributes almost a billion kroner to society,” says Falk-Petersen.

The CEO also underlines Avinor’s considerable social contribution in the form of the contribution to overall value creation made by all the airports and flight control services. Avinor’s activities are self-financing, which means that the surplus from the larger airports finances the operations of those airports that have a deficit. In 2012, this self-financing amounted to NOK 1,233 million (NOK 1,200 million in 2011).

Traffic revenues for Avinor in 2012 amounted to NOK 4,755 million (up from NOK 4,712 million in 2011), while commercial revenues were NOK 4,374 million (up from NOK 3,899 million in 2011).

“We can see that commercial revenues are becoming almost as high as traffic revenues. This shows the importance of facilitating and developing good offers for the passengers at our 46 airports,” says Falk-Petersen.

The strong traffic growth makes it necessary to extend capacity at a number of Avinor’s airports. In order to meet the group’s investment needs, Avinor has recommended to the Ministry of Transport and Communications that it is given additional capital of NOK 6 billion. This would be distributed across planned investments, measures that are included in the national transport plan and regional property development.

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