Vaisala hosts webinar on lightning detection

Vaisala is organising a series of educational webinars about the various aspects of lightning as a phenomenon and the intricacies of its detection.

Webinar topics will range from general lightning related information to specific technological or application related issues.

The next webinar will take place on April 23, and will discuss global lightning detection. The speaker is Dr Ryan Said, whose research interests include the study of VLF (very low frequency) subionospheric propagation, long-range lightning detection and geo-location, and VLF/ELF signal processing. He is the inventor of a patent on global lightning detection, and has authored or co-authored over twenty peer-reviewed and conference papers relating to lightning detection and VLF remote sensing.

Future topics include applications of lightning data in airports (May 28), lightning network performance validation techniques (Jun 25), energy and transmission system applications of lightning data (Aug 27), and meteorological applications of lightning data and lightning safety (Sept 24).

The webinars are meant for all professionals who deal with lightning sensitive equipment or environments like airports, energy industry, meteorological services, and the insurance sector whether they are in need of lightning detection data, responsible for safety issues or just interested in lightning and its detection in general. Speakers include both Vaisala’s own scientists as well as outside experts. Each webinar can also be accessed as a recording after the session at Vaisala’s website.

The series continues throughout 2013 – complete list of topics and dates is available at


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