Montreal home to ICAO until 2036

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has signed a deal with Canadian authorities that will keep the UN agency’s headquarters in Montreal until at least 2036.

The announcement came a few days after Qatar withdrew its bid to relocate the agency’s headquarters to Doha from Montreal, where it has been headquartered since its creation in 1947 after the end of World War II.

“Montreal’s multicultural and aerospace-intensive environment is very well-suited to our organisation’s State Council representatives, delegates and international staff,” said ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin.

Qatar surprised Ottawa with a proposal at the end of April to relocate the UN agency from Montreal, arguing that the Canadian city was too cold and too far from Europe and Asia. It also complained that delegation members had encountered difficulties in obtaining Canadian visas.

“We’re very grateful to Canada for its recent streamlining of diplomatic protocols and enhancing of ICAO’s working environment,” Benjamin said in a statement.

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