Barco Orthogon extends software

ATM software house Barco Orthogon has released the latest version of its OSYRIS Queue Management software – operationally proven arrival and departure management tools that can be deployed separately or coupled – for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs).

With the new OSYRIS 4.0 release, Barco now also serves airport operators and airlines to improve on-time performance, flight efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Supporting the sustainable development of the air transport system, Queue Management tools – including Arrival and Departure Manager – are of crucial importance in major ATM programmes. In addition, Queue Management tools help airspace users improve flight efficiency through more intelligent, flexible usage of airspace and runway capacities.

“The OSYRIS Queue Management software is the first complete toolset developed for all stakeholders in air traffic management to ensure consistent queue management,” said Frank Köhne, CEO and Managing Director of Barco Orthogon.

“The new release provides advanced functions that are the result of agreements regarding resource optimization and air traffic performance with a number of demanding airport operators, ANSPs and airlines, including Gatwick Airport, the Turkish Air Navigation Service Provider DHMI and Airways New Zealand.”

The new OSYRIS release offers various enhancements and benefits for ANSPs as well as airport operators and airlines.

The OSYRIS Arrival Manager (AMAN) now works seamlessly with the Collaborative Flow Manager (CFM) to meet the needs of all stakeholders, ensuring consistent queue management of air traffic from take-off to landing.

The new AMAN release also features an extended operational horizon of up to 550 NM to help optimize inbound traffic across Air Traffic Control centers and thus significantly reduce fuel burn. The underlying operational concepts have been developed by the United Kingdom’s ANSP NATS and Barco as part of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) project.

The OSYRIS Departure Manager (DMAN) offers significant benefits to ANSPs in terms of runway capacity utilization and consideration of take-off slot constraints. The new DMAN release provides optimal pre-departure sequencing, support of de-icing and remote holding procedures, as well as ‘what if’ capabilities, resulting in a higher level of on-time performance and more efficient airport operations.

Barco’s latest release of OSYRIS Queue Management tools comes with a new graphical user interface builder, the ODS™ Open Platform. Designed for a service-oriented architecture, the platform makes it possible to create a modern and highly intuitive Human Machine Interface.

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