COFLIGHT moving towards operations

The chiefs of both French and Italian air traffic control agencies have accepted the new version of the Coflight flight data processing system.

Thales Air Systems and Selex-ES are heading the development of the new system for the Coflight partners: France’s DSNA, Italy’s ENAV and Swiss counterpart skyguide.

The partners said the product represents a breakthrough at both operational and technical levels, providing highly advanced functions such as gate-to-gate flight data processing, interoperability functions with others technical systems for the exchange of flight plan data, datalink capabilities.

These features will allow new SESAR operational concepts (e.g. free route, flexible use of airspace, 4D flight paths) and better management of direct, optimised routes that reduce flight times and fuel consumption.

“Coflight will be the core of DSNA’s future air traffic management system, 4‑Flight” said DSNA chief Maurice Georges. “This new version of Coflight will be integrated in the 4-Flight qualification version that will be delivered to the two pilot centres, Reims ACC and Aix-en-Provence ACC at the end of 2014.”

“Coflight is essential to dramatically improve ANSP operational performance,” added ENAV chief executive Massimo Garbini “ENAV will deploy Coflight inside the 4-Flight programme and through its advanced functions will incrementally implement all the major SESAR operational concepts, allowing also for enhanced partnerships and economical efficiencies among ANSPs.”

Coflight is designed on an open ATM systems architecture. The system is highly scalable and can manage several control units among En-Route control unit and approach control unit. This feature combined with the ability to distribute data to distant operational entities makes Coflight ready for centralized services provision.

The Coflight roadmap has followed an incremental lifecycle since 2006 and consists of three major versions: version one was reached in 2010, the second version is the latest version, and version three will provide full interoperability with other European FDP systems.

Coflight comes with a new product management model: the Coflight funding members progressively built-up the Coflight User Group, an innovative means to involve new partners in the programme in order to jointly steer the evolution of the product and share development costs.

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