Honeywell avionics help Airbus A350 XWB on maiden flight

Final-A350-Infographic A multitude of Honeywell products contributed to today’s successful maiden flight of the new Airbus A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body) aircraft. The new A350 family provides long-range capability with seating capacities from 270 to 350 passengers and offers optimal efficiency through the A350 XWB’s commonality of systems.

As a Tier 1 Airbus designee, Honeywell provided a more comprehensive package of mechanical and avionics products to the A350 XWB than any other current Airbus platform.

800x600_1371190471_A350_XWB_First_Flight_preparation_22Honeywell’s avionics for the A350 XWB are built upon proven Airbus systems, providing the most advanced Flight Management System (FMS) and Aircraft Environment Surveillance System (AESS) available for a greater level of overall cockpit integration for pilots. Honeywell also provided passengers and crew with enhanced air management systems for a more refreshed, long-haul flying experience.

The A350 XWB Air System Integration Bench (AirSIB) is an integrated test bed for the A350 XWB that enabled Honeywell to observe and confirm interactions between control systems and physical characteristics of mechanical hardware.

800x600_1371192466_A350_XWB_First_Flight_take_off_6By using AirSIB for the A350 XWB, Honeywell was able to test the APU and all of its air generation and conditioning systems on the platform, making sure all major mechanical and electrical systems work flawlessly together. This was the first time all the major mechanical work packages for an air management system were integrated into a single lab and run together. AirSIB greatly improves system maturity compared to past programs, where these mechanical systems would only have come together on the first aircraft.

Honeywell avionics products on the A350 XWB

The Flight Management System introduces the latest advances, functions and features, while achieving the goal to create a common cockpit for Airbus wide-body aircraft, enabling pilots to easily transition between aircraft platforms. Honeywell’s latest FMS technology reduces the workload for the flight crew and enables improved flight planning.

The Airbus Aircraft Environment Surveillance System has also been inducted into the A350 aircraft among other Airbus aircraft. This system integrates the Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Mode S Transponders, the Weather Radar and the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System modules into one system, reducing as many as eight avionics boxes down to two. Like the FMS, the latest innovations and features are introduced, such as ADS-B IN and Airborne Traffic Situational Awareness. The AESS provides critical information to the pilot to enhance safety and efficiency, while increasing cockpit efficiency.

“This new and innovative aircraft applies the broad range of avionics and mechanical products and services we offer in a highly integrated manner,” said John Bolton, president, air transport & regional, Honeywell Aerospace.”Our joint effort offers Airbus customers, pilots and passengers a more efficient, safe and comfortable experience than ever before. The maiden flight is a great milestone we are celebrating with Airbus today, and we look forward to extending our relationship for a very long time.”


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    I am very glad to have been working on the Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU) for the A350-SGS APU Starter Generator System (SGS). It was a great pleasure and very gratifying to see the A350 aircraft taking off for the first time with our equipment functioning perfectly on board. These are some of those moments that make me proud to say that I am a Honeyweller. Thanks to my team and all. Abhy.