SJU tables SESAR deployment agenda

The SESAR Joint Undertaking has put forward a proposal for a Pilot Common Project (PCP) outlining the main steps and drivers required to ensure the practical deployment of SESAR solutions.

This PCP proposal  has been drawn up in response to a mandate received by the European Commission and combines coherent technological improvements aiming to enhance the performance of the European Air Traffic Management system in the short to medium term.

It focuses on technological improvements that are mature enough to start deployment in the 2014-2020 timeframe.

Given that such improvements will require a synchronised implementation among key investors, the SJU liaised with a wide range of stakeholders in order to collect constructive recommendations, ensure credibility and minimise risks.

Key stakeholders included: EASA, EUROCONTROL, civil airspace users, ANSPs, airports, staff associations and the military.

The proposal is expected to open a series of common projects driving forward sustainable and performance-driven SESAR deployment.

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