COMSOFT concludes AMHS link for Poland

Interoperability tests (IOT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) were both successfully finalised in June, allowing Poland’s military ANSP to join the Polish civil provider in the advanced aeronautical message handling technology.

The civil and military ANSPs of Poland both now boast COMSOFT systems and will benefit from innovative air traffic communication.

The AMHS solution has been provided to various military services throughout the country, with installation sites in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Deblin comprising of a fully integrated AMHS solution, with COMSOFT’s market-leading brand AIDA-NG.

COMSOFT’s complementary CADAS solution will also enable fully integrated AFTN and AMHS message processing for the Armed Forces of Poland and the ability to access centrally stored ATC data like flight plans. In addition, CADAS supports the national procedures essential for Airspace Management.

The civil ANSP of Poland, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), completed installations of COMSOFT’s advanced AMHS solution at the start of 2013. With the military project now finalised, the ability for the pair to exchange sophisticated and advanced messages will enable enhanced and precise air traffic management services throughout the country.

The superior quality of the products delivered by COMSOFT were able to fulfil specific and stringent military requirements, while thorough customer cooperation ensured the project was executed smoothly. The high level of trust in COMSOFT systems also led to the two month contractual confidence period being reduced to just one month.

Colonel Janusz Urban, project manager for the Polish military ANSP, commented: “The ability for us to now use an AMHS capable system has brought our services fully in line with latest ICAO standards. The installation of COMSOFT’s AIDA-NG and CADAS systems will contribute to safer and seamless Air Traffic Control throughout Poland and help us to meet the increasing demands of military air traffic.”

COMSOFT’s AIDA-NG product is the only AMHS/AFTN implementation on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities. The ability of AMHS to transmit XML-based data formats will also play an important role in future air traffic management and thus marks an important milestone for ANSPs.


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