FAA taps Volpe for cyber research plan

The US-based Volpe National Transportation Systems Center is to develop a cybersecurity R&D collaboration plan for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The plan will support aircraft certification and the broader aviation community;  will leverage the knowledge, expertise, and resources of other critical infrastructure organizations; and will help minimise the redundancy of cybersecurity R&D activities.

Specifically, the FAA  is asking Volpe to identify  organizations throughout the  U.S. Federal Government, private industry, international partners, and academia that may wish to collaborate in the following cybersecurity research and development areas such as:

*  Cybersecurity Control Catalogue Research
*  Verification and Validation of Cybersecurity Controls Research (i.e. Shared facilities)
*  Audit Logs, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, and Continuous Monitoring Research
*  Cybersecurity Personnel & Organization Certification Research
*  Independent Penetration Testing Research

The FAA said participation in this effort will provide insight into what the aviation community and other organisations are planning related to cybersecurity and provide an opportunity to understand how  organisations can benefit from the work of others.


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