Massive ATC strike action planned in October

Europe’s air traffic controller unions are urging their members to take strike action against fresh Single European Sky legislation.

Update: Pan European action halted; French strike threat resumes October 10

For the first time in more than ten years the Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination (ATCEUC) is calling on its 14,000 members to join a pan-European action day on 10 October against what it calls the European Commission’s (EC) ‘attempt to deregulate every profession that ensures the passenger safety’.
“Less than five years have passed since the adoption of Single European Sky II (SES2) and despite its overambitious targets have not yet been reached, the EC is trying to change again the legislative framework for aviation in Europe by setting even more unrealistic targets,” said ATCEUC.
“It is now called SES2+ and, together with the related Reference Period 2 targets (RP2), it demands a tenfold increase of flight safety by 2020, while at the same time drastically reducing costs of air traffic management and related services by 50 per cent.”
The ATCEUC said this apparent contradiction constitutes ‘a real danger for the future of safe and efficient ATM, where any change has to be studied carefully and agreed with all stakeholders, in order to ensure that safety is not jeopardized’.
ATCEUC said it has participated in many social dialogue meetings on SES2+ and the related Reference Period 2 (RP2) but that the EC has chosen to ignore all suggestions submitted by the stakeholders, which included European Union member states.
“It seems that, for the EC, social dialogue is just a smoke screen that serves no other purpose than to give the false impression of a consultation procedure,” it said.
“The real objectives of SES2+ and the related Reference Period 2 targets (RP2) are clear: to liberalise the provision of Air Navigation Services, to deregulate the working conditions of thousands of staff in ATM and eventually to put this essential public interest service in the hands of a few wealthy individuals and companies that have been lobbying to this effect.”
ATCEUC said it was calling on members of the European Parliament to reject them for the sake of flight safety and to ensure a viable and safe future for European ATM. “To do otherwise will simply ignore the interests of the people, workers and passengers,” it said.

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  1. During a particular visite to us , 14 months ago, a couple of 3 Eurocontrol Safety experts, joint us for a nice week on holidays…
    Talking about ATC developments they were assuring their bad feelings as jointed EC and the next applications of the SESAR,s plans could be dangerous for ATCOs and Air Navigation Staff, because THE WIDE REDUCTION ON ANSPs COSTS MERELY AFFECTING TO THEIR TECHNICAL PERSONAL, AND DUE THE PRESENT EUROPEAN CRISIS AND ALSO THE STATES ECONOMICAL EFFORTS TO HELP UPON TNE SESAR IMPLEMENTATION…
    Now I knew they were fully RIGHT ON
    Very Sorry…
    All the best…

  2. Personally I think this is very selfish. Because ATCEUC are lovers of “Red Tape” and the EC lovers of creating bureaucracy; and the two cannot get their acts together and sort this non-issue out, normal members of the public and businesses will be forced to suffer (again – as is always the case).
    The amount of chaos, lost business, compensation for travellers will be far greater then the perceived €14M a day costs EC claim the current system causes..
    Yet again the Airlines will have to stand up the cash to compensate travellers because of an inability to resolve problems.
    Here is a thought. How about the airlines invoice ATCEUC/EC for the cost of refunding/compensating the passengers? Instead of claiming against the airline, the passengers who are delayed, disrupted and cancelled put their claims in to ATCEUC/EC? I am their accounts departments will be happy to receive and settle all these claims? And I fear it will be in the €Billions not just €14M…

  3. Does anyone know if this strike is a certainty and is it only for one day??I’m scheduled to go home from Saudi Arabia to the USA on Oct 10th.

  4. is the strike certainty as i’m traveling to paris on 10 october and non of the airlines have any idea about this ,,,also all travel agent dont know

  5. I would also like to know how are conversations advancing and WHY has been chosen october 10th of any other possible.
    Pls,pls, this can not happen!. My daughter is getting married in 10 days 12october as it was a safe strike -month!!!. All guests have to take a flight to come to the wedding precisaly on october 10th.
    This can’t be happening on the 10th 2013, of all 364 days in the yaer

  6. Seems the strike is still on-going. With google translate I could understand that the german GdF still plans to go to strike but its gonna be on talks between 2 and 4 of Oct with a report to be announced on the 6th. As I see it, be prepared for one or two days of delay.

  7. Pete’s idea is actually the best one, let’s re-direct all compensation claims from all those who will suffer towards ATCEUC/EC.
    Other than that, it’s really, waaaaaaaaaaaaay long overdue to create an efficient EU continental ATC system which has as prime goal safe&fuel-efficient traffic optimalisation for its customers who pay fortunes for the service and “privilege” of cruising around here.

  8. Hi there,
    Like many people I have a flight planned on October 10th..
    Any news concerning the status of airports in Switzerland and the UK please? (I have a GVA -LHR flight)
    If this is still pending, when will we know for sure?

  9. Need to get from Paris to Venice on the 10th for a cruise. Any news? The airlines are totally uncooperative.

  10. Is there information on whether or not the international flights will affected?? I’m due to arrive in Barcelona from the states on 10/10.

  11. Vicki, the airlines are uncooperative because they don’t know what is going to happen. The French ATC union have given notice they are going to take part so good luck.

  12. My daughter and I are flying out to Delhi from Amsterdam but not able to found if NL is effected yes or no
    I would love to see clarity as 10th is only 2 days away

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